Our Story

After a lengthy search,  we stepped inside The Edgcumbe and new this was the one! We quit our hotchpotch of jobs in Construction, Retail, Haulage and Hospitality and waved goodbye to our old lives in Essex for a “simpler”  life in Cornwall running a little Bed and Breakfast.  We moved into our  “lifestyle” business on a rainy St Patrick’s day in 2004, having been inspired by TV shows of the time such as “Escape to the Country”.  So escape we did, and although it was more of “old peoples home” than hotel hot spot, the potential and  location could not be denied!   The simple life was short lived as we undertook our first major refurbishment in 2007 then, joined by our brother and his wife,  together we opened The DECK restaurant in 2015.  The success took us all by surprise as it took on a life of its own with amazing popularity and local support and has became almost a second business! 

Naturally, we all took up surfing (Although some of us are more fair weathered than others these days!) and even produced a British Champion 2021 @stanleynormansurfer, hoping to make it to the Olympics in next few years.

Bude and it’s community has been and continues to be a welcoming and wonderful place for us to raise our families and embrace and explore the outdoor lifestyle and build and grow our  business. 

Once a lesser known diamond in the rough and a well kept secret, Bude is now well on the way to becoming Cornwall’s next best thing.