Our Breakfast . . .

As part of our ongoing commitment to “Greener” Tourism & Business, our aim is to provide a good choice of breakfast from quality local ingredients to help growth in the community and reduce food miles which in turn will provide you with a tastier Breakfast.

Our sausage. . .

supplied by local butchers PJ & J Moore of Bude. Using local Pork farmed within a ten mile radius. Generations of the family have been farming over 100 years. Visit their shop on Queens Street for some tasty wares.


Tea or filter coffee / decaf Fruit & specialty teas (Please select your own tea from our display, request a hot water and brew to your taste )


Traditional English

A choice of egg( your way) local hand-made Pork Sausage, bacon, sautéed mushroom, baked tomato and Heinz baked beans


A choice of egg(your way),Veggie sausage, potato waffle, and sautéed mushrooms, baked tomato and Heinz baked beans

Dippy Eggs & Soldiers

2 soft boiled (4 minutes) free range local eggs and toasted bread soldiers

Something on Toast

Choose from a free range egg, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, Tomatoes or Cheddar cheese

Pastries . . .

Our Croissant and Pain au chocolate are baked on site and locally at “The Bakery” on Queens Street. Visit their shop for Coffee, Cakes and Pastries.

Our Eggs . . .

free range from “Penny Mill Eggs”, Holsworthy. Watch out for Double Yolkers!

Our Cheese . . .

Supplied by Lansdowne Deli on Lansdowne Road in Bude.

Special Requests

If you have any dietary requirements such as Gluton Free items, or your simply require low fat options such as margarine, skimmed milk etc, please ask, as we often keep such items in stock and if not we will try and get them for you for the next day


Please help yourself to Orange juice, Apple juice & chilled water and the wide selection of cereals, fresh, canned and dried fruit & Berry compot, nuts & seeds natural & fruit yoghurts

Breakfast Muffin

One or two warm bread muffins filled with your choice of Bacon, Cheddar cheese, free range egg or local hand-made sausage


Smoked salmon dusted with dill served with 2 lightly scrambled free range local Eggs Continental Basket - Baked Croissant & Pain au chocolate

Filled Croissant

 One or two warm Croissant filled with Cheddar Cheese or Bacon with tomato All the above served with a rack of Brown or White toast & a trio of Jams Please also try the local honey, and RNLI Jams and Marmalade which are also for sale at the Reception!